Teaching Week: 18.08.2018 - 25.08.2018

With stubborn Scottish hamstrings and mindsets, I first came to the yoga mat with a keen sense of curiosity and a natural instinct of resistance!

With time, patience and practice, my asana practice has grown in strength and diversity and progresses organically with my continued psychological, emotional and spiritual adventures.

I strongly believe in working with your body, rather than against it. Everybody's body is different and I encourage you to explore, celebrate and focus on your yoga practice, no one else’s!

I create practices that acknowledge individual body differences, contribute to strengthening and conditioning the body and the mind but primarily focus on encouraging a sense of self-awareness, compassion and care within a safe environment.

In addition to yoga, I love the fresh air of outdoor living, talking about psychology, snowboarding, eating porridge and wrapping up with warm blankets. I continue to seek new ways to explore, look, listen and think through my life - trying to keep an open heart and mind as I do.

I combine pranayama and asana cues with (what I consider to be) humour and aim to facilitate a practice that allows you to work your body, get out of any stagnant thoughts or mindsets and explore a calmer, more connected sense of self.