Teaching Week: 21.07.2018 - 28.07.2018

Antonella Gibilisco is Italian and grew up in German-speaking Switzerland before moving to Paris over 20 years ago. She is a dancer, choreographer and teacher; she has been the director of her own dance structure named “D.TERMINE” since 2003. In parallel, she has been working as a kinesiologist and a certified instructor tutor in kinesiology for 13 years. She practices at the Centre de Formations et de Consultations en Kinésiologie (CCFK) in Paris, which she founded with Sophie Pascual and Anne Wojtyna. Her two passions have led her to create Ki’Danza®, a method that combines dance and kinesiology.

Its objectives are:

To help each individual feel confident and in a safe environment.

To learn with enjoyment and without stress.

To work jointly simultaneously on your body and your emotions.

To go beyond simple dance performance by associating it with energetic and emotional balance.

To be able to balance oneself on a daily basis by using fun choreographies.

To make kinesiology more fun and accessible to all.

A pleasant and playful way to work on oneself.

A few key words: respect, generosity, enjoyment, tolerance…

Antonella’s goal is to help each individual to improve technically as well as artistically while taking into account his or her singularity. Antonella also stresses the importance of enjoyment achieved through learning and of a state of emotional well-being, which are, to her, essential criteria in everyone’s journey. Antonella practices her art with enthusiasm, both in France and abroad. Sharing her passion and experiencing the exchanges fostered by Ki’Danza® bring her constant personal enrichment.

Ki’Danza® « at the heart of your senses »

Accessible to all, Ki’Danza® reaches your emotions through movement, voice and sound in order to awaken your senses.

Experience the pleasure of balanced movement with Ki’Danza®. By combining kinesiology with dance and music in a playful way, this method stimulates your vitality and inner balance. A logical sequence of choreographed movements immediately rebalances your body, mind and emotions. Ki’Danza® highlights your potential and helps build your self-confidence.

*Kinesiology is a psycho-physical method which helps identify and release blocks and imbalances in order to help us reach our goals as well as a state of physical, mental and emotional well-being.