Greek Food


With the perfect mix of protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, Greek food is renowned for its fantastic flavour and plentiful health benefits. The Greek diet also traditionally contains a balance of healthy fats and oils, which can reduce the risk of developing heart conditions and diseases such as cancer. Combined with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle, the Greek diet is found to both boost weight loss and maintain a healthy weight.


Healthy, wholesome meals at Just Relax

Here at Just Relax, we will prepare beautifully healthy meals in the traditional Greek cuisine. Our food will encourage you to discover new tastes as well as introduce you to healthy Greek style meals, which you can prepare once you return home.



Our self-service breakfast allows you to start the day off correctly with herbal mountain teas accompanied by Greek energy bars - called Pasteli. Dried figs are also available (season pending).



Our dinners consist of predominantly vegetarian dishes which include ingredients foraged from our garden. The produce we prepare and serve is fair trade and our local chefs are experienced in cooking healthy, traditional dishes which offer you the true taste of Greece.