Teaching Week: 04.08.2018 - 11.08.2018

Jon's first yoga experience was a packed donation-based class in New York with 3 inches between mats, and despite shaking limbs and a sweat-soaked mat, he found himself in a unique state after the hour, enjoying a vigorously energized body and creatively awakened mind. Through big changes and depressive episodes, yoga has been the stabilizing constant giving the opportunity to ground the body in a physical routine and ease the mind of stresses.  After living benefits of a yoga practice for years, he pursued teacher training in London to share the practice with loved ones and new friends.  Since then, he continues to deepen his practice at home and in the world through practice and study.

The morning will mainly be a rocket-based practice, which offers a different sequence every day.  The sequences are ashtanga primary series, rocket 1, rocket 2, modified primary series, and even rocket 3 if people are feeling up to it.  The sequences are adaptable to be done by anyone, but they should be somewhat challenging.  In the evening, it'll start with yin or restorative, followed by yoga nidra, pranayama, or mindfulness meditation.