Teaching Week: 07.07.2018 -14.07.2018 & 28.07.2018 - 04.08.2018

Melina was born and grew up in Athens, where she graduated from the State School of Dance in 2003. During her prevocational attendance at school, she had sparse contact with Hatha yoga, because of teachers who taught in seminars on this level. And that’s when her passion for yoga began, so she decided to continue her journey into yoga in schools abroad, such as in Belgium and Amsterdam.

Nowdays, her most profound approach in Hatha yoga began with the teacher Andrea Provellengio, taking more substantial knowledge not only on the science of anatomy, psychology, but also on its philosophy. After training with Tanya Popovich she moved and started teaching Hatha and Aerial yoga in Corfu.

During her retreat week she will teach you how to find your balance by working on your body and mind. You will leave absolute relaxed and refreshed with a big smile on your face!