Teaching Week: 26.05.2018 - 02.06.2018

I am an advocate of kindness, reverence, and care towards Nature and its denizens, and the passion and practice of Yoga resonates deeply within my core values.
Going through life without sharing experiences and empowering results, such as those that Yoga grants us with, is some absolutely boring business.
Though a long-time Iyengar style practitioner (over 9 years,) I'm relatively new to teaching Yoga, but whether or not my poses look picture-perfect does not dictate my abilities to lead, share and love. I have a lot to give and to pass on, and have chosen this humbling way of living to keep learning from each and every one whose path may meet mine -whether a guru or a complete beginner.
Come and join my fun sessions! I have a witty sense of humour, and love bringing it into my classes.

I specialize in athletes who need that extra bit of stretching, but likewise in those who mostly work in front of a computer... We all need a bit of heart opening ;o)
My background as a Steiner teacher, and mum of a circus acrobat, has also allowed me to produce very successful kids' (acro) yoga sessions.

Looking forward to meeting you all in Corfu this June!