The Team

Born in Greece and France respectively, Hara and Alice each took their own paths in life, until a meeting in London created a friendship that would last a lifetime.




Born in Corfu, Hara is a creative spirit through and through. After attending Athens University to study Graphic Design, Hara fell in love with the city and spent 10 years working in the creative industry, enhancing her knowledge and life experience.




After studying International Law in France, Canada and Africa, Alice returned to West Africa to work in the Human Rights sector for a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO).

After each moving to London for a new adventure, Hara and Alice become close friends who fell in love with the London life and stayed for many years. After working together in fundraising, Hara took a position as a Photography Studio Manager while Alice pursued a career as a travelling Events Project Manager, organising exhibitions in Africa.


It was while living in London in 2013 that Hara decided she craved a better quality of life, which would allow her to be close to the beach. Hara moved back to Corfu and was pleased when Alice decided to visit for a holiday. Soon enough the pull of a more relaxed way of life and idyllic environment convinced Alice to stay. Far from missing London, the girls quickly settled into the peaceful way of life far away from the stresses and strains of London. It was definitely time for a change!


Together, Hara and Alice longed to share their passion for Greece and the practice of yoga with others, which is why they decided to setup Just Relax. To this day their focus is to offer a relaxing yet fun holiday with skilled yoga teachers who can guide guests through the practice.


Alice and Hara will be here to welcome you to Just Relax, as well as to ensure that you have a relaxing, memorable stay in Corfu.