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A lively hub
Acharavi sits on Corfu’s northern coast. It’s the main town in this part of the island, which means you’ll find plenty in the way of shops and nightlife. The central street is dotted with bars, shops and restaurants, and you’ll find even more along the little roads leading to the beach. The surrounding countryside is pretty spectacular, too – one of the world’s best walking trails sits in the hills behind town.

A golden-sand beach
This clean, sandy beach stretches the entire length of the town – a whopping 3 kilometers. It’s perfect for paddling and for little ones – it stays shallow for 50 meters out to sea. There are loungers and umbrellas for hire, and a top-notch selection of cafes and tavernas along the beachfront.



Situated on the north coast of Corfu, Greece, Roda is a resort for all the family. It is a real-life, traditional working village with all the amenities of a great holiday resort. Roda has something for everyone, and will immediately help you to relax and wind down.

With a selection of bars and restaurants, a variety of shops and tavernas, boat trips, water-sports and horse riding, Roda caters for every taste. Discover the unique friendliness of local people and give yourselves a holiday to remember, using Roda Online for information.



Sidari is a unique place with plenty of clubs, music bars and pubs, that offering a great nightlife! What makes Sidari different and unique are the several little bays with small beaches around the area of Sidari and Peroulades.
These beaches are of unrivaled beauty!
The landscape with the soft rock erosion is very interesting and several little bays around Sidari offer small swimming spaces for large crowds. A yearly award of a Blue Flag is given to the main beach of the resort, which meets the criteria of the programme.

There are rock formations of a particularly striking nature which form a huge number of tiny coves and narrow channels. One of them, of distinctive beauty is called: ‘’Channel of love’’ or Canal d' amour! An area of eroding sandstone cliffs that have formed several tiny sand and shingle coves reached by paths and even ladders.


Kassiopi is a charming town situated at a small peninsula on the north-east corner of the island of Corfu. The resort is unique among Corfu’s resorts in having both a very picturesque setting and a fair amount of history.  A holiday in Kassiopi has the magnificent backdrop of Mount Pantokrator and hills covered with olive groves, vines and citrus plantations. This resort is a colorful place reached by picturesque coast roads. It is an attractive resort with traditional narrow streets and overlooked by the ruins of an ancient castle. Once a quite fishing village, the resort has been transformed into a popular holiday destination.
It’s easy to reach every beach of this resort, all of which are clean and safe. You will find EU blue flags here and at nearby beaches. Most of the bays there are pebbly but there are plenty of them and they can be charmingly small and secluded.

Kassiopi harbour with its little square is today the focal point of the town's social life with particularly good fresh fish thanks to local fishermen. Furthermore it is worth visiting the church of Panagia Kassiopi_tissa, which possibly has been built on the place of an ancient temple dedicated to Zeus Kassius. You will also see the ruins of the Byzantine castle that used to protect the town and its port and was guarding the sea route from Corfu to the opposite coast. A great local feast (“panigyri”) takes place on the 15th of August, in honor of Panagia Kassiopi_tissa.



The Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George are located on the northern part of the Spianada, the Corfu town historical centre square. It is the largest  and the most significant building of the English rule period. Today, the Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George houses the Corfu Museum of Asian Art, the only one of its kind in Greece, solely dedicated to the art and antiquities of the Far East and India.

It was founded in 1928 as the Museum of Sino-Japanese Art, following the donation of Gregorios  Manos’ Sino-Japanese collection to the Greek state. Since that time, the Museum has been a pole of attraction for many other donations, resulting in its collection currently comprising approximately 15.000 works of Asian art form private collections and individual item donations. The 1973 Hadjivassiliou donation, in particular, with the addition of 400 works from India, Pakistan, Tibet, Siam and southeast Asia, changed the Museum’s strictly Sino-Japanese profile and led to it being renamed to the Museum of Asian Art. Today it enjoys worldwide recognition, with rare items from its collections being presented in international exhibitions.



Corfu town, especially for its oldest part, is one of the most charming and romantic places of all the Greece.
It is a perfect example of ancient Venetian and Byzantine art that will be able to fascinate you with its little streets and its panoramic points.
Surrounded by the sea, the old town of Kerkyra is closed between the two ancient fortresses.
It will be an unforgettable experience to spend hours and hours just walking up and down along thousands of small paved streets, looking around to discover the old town secrets and buying some presents to bring back home.
You’ll visit Kerkyra walking between high old houses, you will buy traditional products in ancient cellars, surrounded by stone staircase, old Venetian walls and hidden gardens.
Every single building, every single street will appear like an open museum, but the joie de vivre of the local people will remember you that the old town is also full of life and full of surprises.
The Esplanade of the old Corfu town is a large green area between the town and the old fortress. Its name comes from the complete absence of buildings that was important during the past to defend the town from foreign enemies. Today a large part of Corfu’s Esplanade is changed into a beautiful public park full of trees and garden seats, while a small part of the Esplanade still hosts the old English cricket field.
Along the west side of the Esplanade there’s also a marvelous building that reminds us the old French occupation: the Liston.
The Liston of Kerkyra was built by the French engineer Lesseps who was inspired by the Rue Rivoli in Paris and with its nice gallery full of coffee shops and restaurants is today the heart of the social life in Corfu.  If you will be here at dusk, we would like to suggest you an amazing walk that starts from the St. Giorgios Arch, next to the Corfu Royal Palace.